START :   June, 2022


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In Season 2 we gave up on the idea of vanilla gameplay, we will be looking into either 3x or 5x servers with regular wipes. We’ve changed the rewarding system so we’re players rather have more fun more constant than a long grind.

The whole rewarding system was re-built in order to allow a larger number of players to enjoy more rewards rather than only the very best. We are not splitting a prize pool between top players anymore but rather we’re allowing everyone to have a chance to a reward even if its a smaller one.

The first season ran for a while, we gathered some data and feedback and overall was a good thing that we learned a lot from. Top 3 players where each rewarded with a good % of the prize pool and the rest was given away on discord. More details and the leaderboards can be found on our Dicord Server.

Yes, this system is still maintained though it will only be there for bragging rights and statistics. Prizes are not distributed based on ranking places anymore.


Your ELO rating is based on your in-game achievements and represents your skill tier in Rust. You can gain or lose elo based on your performance recorded at the end of each wipe. The formula is private and is calculated by giving or taking points based on your activity. There are many factor taken into account, you can learn more details about the system in our Help Documents.


Ladders, statistics, rankings and many more. We are trying to find out who's the best, and the players taking top spots in these definitely show that they have something to prove. Leaderboards are saved for each wipe/season status, with a overall leaderboard for the ELO rating consisting of data from all the wipes played by each user

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