NEXT WIPE: February 14th


In order to track our players skills better we decided to split the game into wipes and seasons.
One season lasts for two wipes, which should amount to around 4 weeks total. At the end of each season there will be rewards for top ranked players and clans.

Season 1 starts February 1st, 2022


  • Start: February 1st
  • Wipe 2: February 14th
  • End: February 28th 


  • Map Size: 3750
  • Wipe: Bi-weekly 
  • Gameplay: Pure Vanilla
  • Team Limit: None
  • Location: 1 – Europe/Romania | 2 – United States

Your ELO rating is based on your in-game achievements and represents your skill tier in Rust. 

You can gain or lose elo based on your statistics and performance on our servers. 

PVP and PVE factors are both recorded and taken into account when calculating ELO.

Read more on the wiki page :


Each players statistics are recorded and top players and clans for each wipe & season will be rewarded.
Right now we’re trying to build up a player base and we currently have 2 leaderboards available, EU & NA. We are planning to run more server in more regions with various configurations.

We have rankings based on both PVE & PVP statistics also the main leaderboard being based on your ELO rating.

You can find more details on the wiki page.


RankedCoin is a feature of RustRanked. You will earn RKC by playing on our servers. The amounts of RKC you can earn is based on your participation in events, your winnings in the leaderboards but also your in-game activity. We are still working on development of the system so please be patient with it. You can use RankedCoin in the UserCP. 

More updates to be coming soon.


Use your earned RankedCoins to withdraw various skins and rewards!


Our server has be carefully configured in order to provide a smooth experience


Our servers are hosted by top providers and we're trying to offer a high quality gameplay







What does wipe exactly mean?

Every 2 weeks there will be a full reset of the server data and database. This includes the map, inventories, blueprints and statistics. The only things you will keep are your ELO rating and RankedCoin balance.

What happens if I win a season?

You will be contacted and also you will receive a notification in your UserCP which will provide a form for you to complete, this is required to claim your prize. Read more about the process on the wiki page.

Is the ranking different for the 2 servers?

Because we are still building our player base both EU and NA regions rankings are combined. Statistics are recorded individually on each server. At the end of the wipe, we will only take the in consideration the highest rating of either region (EU/NA).

Can I reset my ELO?

No, ELO rating is bound to your SteamID and cannot be reset. And the end of each season you will be placed in a tier based on both of your wipe results and your ELO will be brought back to the initial amount of 50.

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